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45 Poorvi Marg
New Delhi, 2010

Mr Arora  |   800 Yds   |   Private Residence   |   DADA and Partners

This apartment was designed as a multi-family dwelling with one unit comprising of basement and ground floor and an independent entry foyer in the stilt level. Another access was provided for the upper levels with a separate core.

The key design feature in this developer residential building is the interlocking of volumes and planes on its façade as an interface to the very busy street to its front. Defined by its volumetric language and with careful use of material palette the form changes its character during the course of day with its ever changing light and shadow.

The entry to the front part of this four level home is through an atrium housing a spectacular hanging glass staircase blending three floors of the apartment block. The staircase spanning from the basement to the ground floor is suspended over a gleaming water body at the floor of the basement level. The sound of the cascading water accentuates the experience of movement through this space. The atrium is itself enclosed inside eighteen feet high laminated glass walls on two sides giving clear views to the front. This triple height volume opens the corner of the house to the outside. Another ambitious element quite evident outside the atrium is the steel column that supports the upper floors making the building hover above. The expression is further enhanced by an extended parasol on the roof level which is made of steel and glass.