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B 99
Gurgaon, 2007

Self  |   450 sqyd / 8000 sqft  |  Township  |   DADA and Partners

Designed around the courtyard, this live-work house incorporates hierarchy of zones with formal living spaces in front and private areas at the back; while the central court serves as a climate modifier and as a social gathering space. The courtyard faces south and is overlooked by living and bedroom areas on the ground and first floors. The architectural design, with series of inter-connected voids enhances interconnections between floors and  facilitates natural ventilation generated during summers by using stack effect, thus resulting in cooler habitable spaces.  Large window openings allow abundant natural light inside the spaces reducing the use of artificial light sources during the day. The west wall of the study, overlooking the street, faces the fierce afternoon western sun, which prompted the use motorized louvers that could be adjusted to block off the undesired glare into the room.