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NIIT Dining Hall Extension
Neemrana, Rajasthan, 2014

NIIT University  |   7500 sqft  |   Campus Architecture  |   DADA and Partners | Landscape Architects: Shaheer Associates | MEP: Sunil Nayyar Associate

NIIT University Dining Hall Extension has a pivotal location in the master plan and the act of negotiating the shift in the landform, offered an opportunity to create a multi-layered insertion. Set in the hot, arid outpost of Neemrana district, the project also set out to achieve a contemporary yet sustainable expression and one that reinforces a sense of community.

The desire to connect with the views to the hills and existing quad on the west generated large fenestrations carefully shielded by an array of shading strategies.The facade design thus aims at reducing the cooling load by using solar passive techniques such as effective sun-shading of windows, earth shelter, reducing heat gain from roof, etc.
The desire to maximise comfort temperature levels through the year reflect not only in the technological strategies but also in its contemporary architectural expression.