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Bridge House
New Delhi, 2013

Mr & Mrs Kalra   |   2.5 Acres   |   Private Residence  |   DADA and Partners

The narrow site of approximately 2.5 acres perfectly oriented east-west, actually paved the way towards the shaping of the building configuration where the north side was left open. The pool was also positioned in this space and became the focus providing a perfect outdoor character. The placement of the house is also hinged around an existing tree presumed to be more than some 75 years old. The extensively landscaped entry patio to the house was juxtaposed with this natural feature.

The brief required to have a very exclusive and private master-suite zone. As a result, the master suite was created at the rear over the gymnasium block which could be only accessed by a bridge, hence the name ‘bridge house’. This glazed corridor has view towards the pool as one goes past the upper floor informal lounge.