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Caryota House
New Delhi, 2018

AmarjeetPunihani  |   2 Acres / 12,000 sq.ft  |   Residential  |   DADA and Partners  |   DADA Partners

The Residence design brief was to provide a family home in a three acre site shared between two other houses already built. Prime component of the design was a soaring fish tail palm that stood as a key part of the landscape where the new house was to be constructed, as if demanding to be part of this new family. This led to the inclusion of the tree within the new structure, hence naming the house ‘Caryota’.

The project is developed in three levels around the Caryota Palm courtyard. On the ground floor, the social areas are dispersed, opening onto the internal courtin an intimate environment. While the first level are the bedrooms, with views of the landscape to the north and the east. All bedrooms are approached through a gallery that circumferences the internal courtyard with internal views giving a pivotal anchor to the first floor.

The combination of the white wall, glass and charcoal grey sheet cladding accentuates the minimalist architecture that the clients requested for.