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Center Court
New Delhi, 2012

Mr & Mrs Sekhri  |   2.5 Acres  |   Private Residence  |   DADA and Partners

The villa is designed with two sets of parallel masses with another volume perched above, perpendicular to the former creating two courtyard spaces and an H-shape building configuration. All functions are programmed around the two courts so as to provide maximum unhindered views of the landscape from almost all habitable rooms. Strategically placing the pool adjacent to the north court contained this space and formed the focal point.

On the lower floor, the volume to the east is occupied by formal program as the Entry foyer, formal Living room and the dining area. The part to the west is more of a private living zone which also building helps in shading the central courtyard during summers. This coupled with the pool creates a cooler microclimate in the center that further enhances natural ventilation in the house through this space.

Simple textures and materials were chosen for the paving materials, decking such as granite slabs and cobbles for the external landscape, conferring a very minimalist reading to the spaces.