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House Outhouse
Chattarpur, New Delhi, 2011

Bharat Sawhney  |   2 Acre/10,000 sq.ft.  |   Residential/ Retreat Home  |   DADA and Partners | Landscape Architects: Design Oasis

Designed as a lifestyle home the program was deliberately split into two units centered around a large central court. The larger of these two units holds the formal and informal areas on the lower floor with the bedrooms on the upper level. The smaller“Outhouse Unit” serves as the entertainment den along with a gymnasium, sauna, changing rooms, and service areas. The outhouse is defined by a monolithic white compound wall-as found in older tropical estates- that encloses a private garden which could be developed into an orchard over time.An opening between the main building and the outhouse provides an initial glimpse into the slightly raised central court and the large lawn at the rear of the property.

The West façade facing the entry drop-off court is, has been deliberately designed as a heavy composition with minimal fenestrations so as to minimize unwanted heat gains.