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Overhang House
Gurgaon, 2012

 Mr Sawhney  |  450 yds  |  Private Residence  |   DADA and Partners

The brief required a house for a family of five on a 450 Sq.ydsplot, The clients aspired for a contemporary, iconic house that housed not only a living unit but also work and entertainment zones on different levels. At the same time they wanted landscape ideas that could inter connect with all spaces both horizontally and vertically. The clients’ penchant was towards a modernist vocabulary that amalgamated the habitable spaces with the landscape. Set across three levels, the house caters to the needs of a family.

The ground floor is essentially a transparent podium, which engages with the outdoor landscape. Glass plays along, around and above the solid elements while pivoted glass doors open up to outside. The interior and exterior spaces blend seamlessly into each other due to the use of frame less floor to ceiling glass and a continuity of materials from the inside to the outside.