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Screen House
New Delhi, 2015

Anands  |  175 Yds / 6,000 sq.ft    |   Residential  |   DADA and Partners  |   DADA Partners

For this split-level house located on an extremely tight seven meters wide plot, overlooking a busy street, designing for privacy was a paramount concern. this led to an external louvered screen which was designed to maximize privacy yet allowing views out to the street. the fine detailing of this element creates a powerful interplay of light and shadow.

To connect the formal areas on lower floors and family space on the upper levels, staircase connecting all levels was placed right in the center adjacent to a vertical light well maximizing natural light into these spaces.

Since the house was unable to enjoy views to the outside, an open to sky internal courtyard with a plumeria tree was introduced that is visible from all rooms and forms the focal point. This space forms a perfect extension to the family lounge on the first floor. Further, a double height volume connects the ground floor formal living with the lounge. This careful interplay of volumes helps infiltration of direct sunlight right to the ground floor space.
This residence demonstrates a fine balance between nature and contemporary living with open plan living.