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Chhatarpur, New Delhi, 2015

Confidential  |   1 Acre / 12000 sqf  |   Residential  |   DADA and Partners

The thing about renovation projects is that they come with a strong scent of their own that is hard to shake off. Once in your head, it just lingers. Then you start to notice other things, albeit with restraint, and they start to look good. The sun, the land, the meaningless angles that start to show potential, the awkwardly placed tree. This house finds its most poetic moment in the evening while the sun sets in the west through the existing bottle green color leafed Silver Oaks on site and brings out the brown and beige tones making one stop and take a breath.

Set in a 1 acre plot of land in the Chhatarpur farms, the existing structure was a double storied structure set on 2 different adjoining levels on different sides. The front of the house had an entrance to the top level with an entry foyer, entertaining areas and a kitchen. The lower levels had a living room and bedrooms opening out to a large lawn at a lower level. The addition needed to provide more bedrooms and a fresher look. Our proposal preserved the levels and their relationships while making best use of the ‘inside-outside’ opportunities this renovation provided.