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Farm on the ridge
New Delhi, 2010

Ajai and Niru Kumar   |   3 acres / 14000 sqf  |  Residential Farmhouse   |   DADA and Partners

Located in idyllic setting of Rajokri and nestled adjacent to the ridge ecology this 3 acre patch of land is envisioned as an inter-generational family home. All members felt that the house layout needed to provide for independent living and yet be able to bring the family together. What emerged early on was the need for the three units to be physically interconnected and arranged so as to overlook into a central court.

At an innate or larger level, the presence of a large ridge outcrop running parallel just beyond to the site, established the structure or desire lines for the land. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the unique ecology of the city. The views to this outcrop and the woodland preserve beyond also influenced the buildings articulation. One of the significant design decisions was to position the three master bedrooms on the first floor level and more importantly to allow them to reach upwards with generous ceiling heights. The resulting distinct form is evocative of cubic periscopes that peer out into the landscape.