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Vatika Experience Centre
Gurgaon, 2013

Vatika  |   20,000 sqft  |  Experience / Sales Center  |   DADA and Partners

The experience center was a project for a new township development coming up in Gurgaon. An entity like that is primarily a place a prospective buyer visits to get information about the project. Our experience center sought to set the mood and speak of a lifestyle that the township aspired to provide to the community.

And to set the mood, we first aimed to clear the visitors mind by giving a blank expanse of wall and floor space at the drive-in without attempting to create any impressions, allowing the mind to clear of any preconceived ideas. The entry to the building volume is a walk that allows for a slow transformation by creating a careful collage of experiential elements that comprise of materials and textures, play of light and shade, interconnected spaces, and vegetation. The reception and other internal functions are to inform while one absorbs the play of volumes inside, the light and the flow of spaces. The rear deck and lawns immerse you in lifestyle options with a cafe/restaurant spilling out in the deck and views of the fields behind that allow for activities like community gardening, trails etc. All this, to ‘experience’ and not just be told.