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Rangoli Housing Master Plan
Jaipur, 2010

Ashiana Housing   |   25 Acres   |   Housing  |   Master  |   DADA and Partners  |  Mr.Sengupta

The plan is arranged around a series of public open spaces that engage, delight and revitalize. A linear open green park is planned in the heart of the development that off-shoots into smaller parks around which clusters of building blocks are designed making for smaller, more intimate spaces spread over the site.

These parks all linked through an open space network of spaces and recreation trails forming a well-connected and accessible system that is an invaluable amenity to the residents. All significant uses are located along this green linear spine starting from the commercial block at the entrance, the club at the axis of the entry drive, amphitheater, a network of bike, walking and jogging trails along with recreational/ sports facilities and a community center/gathering facility at the end of the spine. A drive along this linear green spine is designed to form a distinct first impression to visitors and residents – one of a relaxed, well designed space.