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Ashiana Town Master Plan
Bhiwadi, 2012

Ashiana Housing Ltd.  |   60 Acre / 46,00,000 sq.ft.  |  Township / Group Housing  |   Master  |   DADA and Partners  |  Mr. Biswajit Sengupta

Ashiana Town is an integrated master planned community located in the proposed growth area of Bhiwadi, RajasthanThe plan is hinged upon creating three harmonious high density neighborhoods that are self sufficient and yet converge and interact at multiple points at their edges.The project will hold 3700 dwelling units at a density of 72 DU/acre and net built-up of 4.6 million Sqft.

Other than the defining context of the surrounding natural features as the seasonal Nallah and the public park land parcel, the two proposed public thoroughfares ( 24 M. and 30 M. R.O.W) are the primary structuring elements for the site. The Master Plan uses this as an opportunity to create a system of truly public armature for this new growth area and proposes a grouping of three independent sub-parcels held together by a well designed public realm.

Contrary to conventional building pattern where large tracts are built as inward centric enclaves, this scheme creates an ‘outward facing’ built morphology. These development edges would help create an image-able new community that will not only be enjoyed by residents as they move between the sub parcels but also by other users residing or working in surrounding neighborhoods. The plan for the new community is being designed to allow for creating multiple iconic urban and civic spaces .Spaces that will be the ‘go to’ points in this new city.