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Godrej Garden City
Ahmedabad , 2018

Godrej Properties  |   85 Acres / 18 million sqft  |   Township  |   DADA (Master planning) BDP (Landscape)

Godrej Garden City draws inspiration from the way of life in which residents still embrace genuine mixed-use fabric; a way of life where public open spaces and bazaars are frequented by the community year round, a nod to the very essence of urban coexistence.

At the most fundamental level the plan sets the intent for a new town that is held together by a genuine and active public realm along, while optimising the insatiable and prosaic demand for high density development parcels. A fine textured street-block pattern creates the appropriate physical setting for a community driven lifestyle in close adjacency to a very high energy urban corridor. These spaces are activated by allocating a diverse range of active programing for the public edges. The master plan carefully calibrates the ‘built and open relationships’ or edge types for the township so as to bring cohesion to the urban setting and also variety where necessary.