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Gulmohar Greens
Jaipur, 2012

Ashiana Housing Ltd.  |   32 Acres / 16,00,000 sqft  |   Township  |   DADA and Partners  |   Shaheer Associates

Gulmohar Greens is a 32 acre Ashiana housing community located on the outskirts of Jaipur city and is well connected to the airport which is 16km away as well as Pratap Nagar – a rapidly emerging knowledge , research, and office hub of the region.

Given its locational disadvantage of being away from the city, a low rise and mid-density development , integrated with large open spaces was envisioned for the site. The project programming also evolved by understanding the demographic that is associated with the knowledge based economy in nearby districts and their residential aspirations.

The physical organization of the site was driven by notional and ‘desire vectors’ rather than any physical on-site element of any permanence. The urge to create a attractive and inviting neighborhood for professionals and students alike has shaped the overall planning and design.