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SPA UD Competition
New Delhi, 2009

First Place  |  School of Planning and Architecture  |   20 Acres  |   Campus Urban Design Proposal

The School of Planning and Architecture campus master plan provides a remarkable opportunity to create a blueprint for an urban campus of the 21st century.

Given the primary goal of strongly engaging with the larger city, the master plan seeks to go beyond the conventional campus paradigms that often tend to create insular learning environments. The new SPA campus, by necessity, shall be integrated with the city. Secondly, the spaces in and around buildings are designed to promote trans-disciplinary learning where students will find opportunities to interact and exchange views with fellow students and visitors, and contemplate in quiet, inspiring spaces within the natural environment. At an ecological level, the master plan recognizes and respects the pattern of the existing ridge lines and valleys on the site and ties it back to the larger Geo-morphological grain of the Delhi ridge land form.