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Vatika SEZ
Jaipur, Ongoing

Vatika Group   |   50 Acres   |   IT SEZ  |   DADA and Partners  |   Satish Khanna Associates  |   Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Vatika SEZ Jaipur is envisioned to be a vibrant, high energy environment attracting the best of creative minds from across the region and the country. To achieve this vision, the master plan has been conceived primarily as a series of spaces for interaction of these minds. Proposed building morphology further enhances the sequence and network of open spaces.

Strategies involving building siting, reduction of heat island effect, stormwater management have been addressed in the master plan. The building and landscape design looks to create new paradigms for a diverse and highly creative workforce.

Envisioned as a constantly transforming landscape that reflects the changing seasons in this region, The Field is located in the heart of the campus precinct. It is also the termination of the Urban Street that in turn connects to the urban heart of the SEZ – The Crescent. The landscape is marked by native species and stromwater management strategies.

Amenities are placed along the crescent to provide easy and a centralized access to all people who work here. These include Cafes, Salons, Travel facility shops, banks and ATMs, Gyms and a Mediatheque. The Mediatheque is a business facility which includes such provisions as a digital library, conference and meeting rooms, incubation spaces etc.