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Godrej Reserve
Devanhalli, Bangalore 2018

Godrej Properties  |   100 Acres / 40,38,000 sqft  |   Plotted Township   |   DADA and Partners (Master Planners) and Landart Design (Landscape Architect)

The structure for the master plan primarily emerges from a deep understanding of the unique landform of the site. The main armature of the plan is city-wide boulevard which meanders and ascends the site from lowest part, along the entry point, and culminates at the foot of the proposed Nandi Hill Park; the highest precinct of the site. The secondary street network emerges from this spine and is aligned so as to hug the contour levels/lines of the site.

Subtle street and block manipulations also help generate surprising array of small neighbourhood parks and plazas throughout the township. Vistas, terminuses, enclosures,street edges, and intersections, have been designed carefully in terms of perception of residents moving along the street. In a way the street design is a balanced coupling of engineering, water management, and pictorial setting.

The streets at Godrej Woods have been designed as per LID or Low Impact Development streets guidelines. LID or ECO-streets are designed favouring ‘soft engineering’ and vegetated treatment to manage rainfall conveyance